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Joint Project Awards for Educational Advising Centers & Scholarship Alumni

Joint Project Awards for Educational Advising Centers & Scholarship Alumni


Open Society Scholarship Programs





The Open Society Foundations Scholarship Programs invite project proposals from Open Society Foundations-affiliated Educational Advising Centers (EACs) and partner organizations jointly-designed with Open Society Scholarship Program alumni. This support aims to activate an EAC’s network and stimulate and foster closer ties between the EACs and Scholarships alumni.

Projects will begin in October 2017, and last up to 12 months. Organizations can apply for up to $20,000 of funding from OSF to help support their proposals. The selection process is competitive, and based on the fit of the proposals to the Scholarship Programs’ aims. Priority will be given to EACs that do not have an active open project grant from 2016.

Eligible countries for this award are:

Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Haiti, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Burma/Cambodia/Laos, and Ukraine.

All projects must be related to the Scholarship Programs’ mission of supporting educational, social, political and legal reform, and should actively involve OSF Scholarships alumni.

Applicants (EAC or National Foundation) may submit only one project proposal per competition.

General activities for any proposal may include, but are not limited to:
• initiatives furthering social justice or community welfare;
• projects stimulating university- community collaborations;
• activities generating debate/dialogue on education, social and/or political issues;
• alumni networking and fostering the creation of constructive associations;

The Program will not support:
• individual travel grants for participation in conferences, workshops, classes, etc.;
• expenses taking place outside of eligible countries;
• additional degrees, courses, or certificates for individual alumni;
• projects which replicate existing efforts within a country;
• core budgets for EACs or Resource Centers for study abroad;
• purchase of office equipment (computers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc.)

Project proposals should include the following:

• Project description (max 1 page);

• Organization description and history (max 2 pages) that should address the following:
1) The organization’s strategy, mission statement and objectives, brief account of the organization’s history, and governance;
2) An overview of the organization’s primary ongoing programs, initiatives, and projects;
3) Key accomplishments in recent years;
4) An organizational budget for the current and previous year alongside with the budget narrative; current bank account*;
5) Evidence of organization’s registered legal status (including translation in English) and/or organization’s statute ( a separate document).

• Project budget, which includes:
1) activities and functions specified in the proposal;
2) amount requested from OSF and how much will be provided by other sources;
3) a short description for each item;
4) bank wire transfer fees;
5) overheads should not exceed 10% of the project budget;
6) administrative costs should not exceed 20% of the project budget.

• Curriculum Vitae of Project Manager and principal partners (2 pages per CV maximum )

• Letter(s) of commitment from other donors if listed in the proposal or budget.

Organizations may request support for individual projects or collaborative projects with other EACs in eligible countries.

All project proposals must include a line item explanation of the budget in U.S. dollars (see the Sample Budget included in the email). Budgets should clearly list contributions from other donors and/or explanations concerning acquisition of such funds or services (free space, volunteer office assistance, donated equipment, etc.).

Scholarship Programs reserves the right to verify all information submitted as part of an application. In the event that there is a discrepancy or information is found to be false, the application will be deemed ineligible.

How to Apply

Project proposals, including all supporting documents listed below, must be submitted via email no later than August 6, 2017 to the following staff:

• Audrone Uzieliene, Division Director: audrone.uzieliene@opensocietyfoundations.org
• Fanni Laszlo, Administrative Assistant: fanni.laszlo@opensocietyfoundations.org

The following Supporting Documents may be required:
• CVs of organization staff and brief biographies of Executive Director and key staff members;
• List of Board of Directors/Trustees (including their professional affiliation, tenure, committees, etc.);
• Audited financial statements for the preceding year (if not included in annual reports). If the organization does not prepare audited financial statements, this information should be attached to the Organizational budget;
• List any pending grant applications with the Open Society Foundations;

Please direct any questions to:

• Audrone Uzieliene, Division Director: audrone.uzieliene@opensocietyfoundations.org

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