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Are you ready for a life-changing experience? Here is a taste of what is to come, from academic life to community events, student support to living in beautiful Vienna. We can’t wait to see you at CEU!

A university with a mission

Ever since our founding in 1991, we’ve been seeking solutions to the complex problems of our world, in the spirit of supporting open and democratic societies. And while we’ve grown from a regional academic center into a truly global institution, with students and faculty from over 100 countries, our mission has remained unchanged. In fact, we believe this mission is just as important today as it was almost 30 years ago.

Dive into the CEU student experience

With students from some 100 countries, our diverse student body is our most important asset. We nurture a student-oriented academic culture, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and perspectives that our multicultural, multinational community provides. An 8:1 student/faculty ratio ensures a dynamic environment for collaboration and debate. CEU is a place where your voice truly matters, your opinions are heard, and your experience counts – so get involved!

CEU actively encourages and supports students’ interests and activities. In previous years, we organized a great variety of activities from theater and opera visits to dance classes and ice-skating parties. Students may join or even start their own student clubs dedicated to their interests or hobbies from hiking and board games to debate and films. CEU’s Student Leadership and Service Office plans and hosts exciting events for students throughout the academic year.


Student services

CEU is a student-oriented university with a wide range of service units that provide personal attention and support, such as:

Student Center – helping with health insurance and legal residence matters

Dean of Students Office – helping with arrival and leaving procedures, accommodation, etc.

Center for Academic Writing – providing support and guidance on becoming proficient, independent writers in English

Career Services Office – helping you transform your CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement

Student Records Office – providing services related to the academic aspect of studying at CEU

Medical Center – on-campus medical consultations

Psychological Counseling – providing confidential, individual counseling in emotional distress

Useful links

Welcome to CEU – browse through our collection of videos to get a glimpse into life at CEU

CEU Student Space is a blog written by our students about everything from eating on campus to events, studying to making friends.

Information for incoming students
Cost of living
Visa/Residence documents
Guide for studying in Vienna
Living in Budapest
Covid-19 FAQ for admitted graduate students
Covid-19 FAQ for admitted undergraduate students

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